What We Do | Our Values | Why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) | ISO 26000 Roadmap | CSR Arabia Advisory Board

What We Do

      - Audit your company on its actual CSR situation and give clear guidelines for the next steps using our experience and best
        international practices.
      - Advise your organization clearly on steps you can take to increase your CSR involvement as part of your continuing business
      - Measure the effectiveness of your CSR activities.
      - Write Org annual CSR reports as part of marketing and PR activities.
      - Design and implement your organization communication plan to cover and get best investment of your CSR plan.
      - Make presentations on CSR.
      - Run Training courses, seminars and workshops on CSR.
      - Provide you with flexible CSR solutions that fit your company.
      - Innovating collaborative projects between companies and stakeholders.
      - Shaping business and policy dialogue on sustainability and competitiveness

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What We Don't Do:
     At CSR Arabia we don't:
      - Make ridiculous claims, overcharge you or over inflate our services
      - Blind you with consultant jargon.
      - Rubber stamp your existing policies without checking them;
      - Take your reputation lightly.

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