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Why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

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Corporate Social Responsibility can span many areas of business, from equal opportunities and diversity; the working practices of suppliers: the environmental impact of the business, to financial support of charities and community groups. Importantly while CSR is sometimes seen as an added pressure, especially to resource-strapped SMEs, good CSR practices can positively impact on other areas of business. Reducing your environmental footprint, for example, could significantly cut down on waste and energy bills; support for local charities could feed into positive PR and lead to increased sales; a literacy programme for staff could increase production.

We believe that all public and private organizations/Companies can benefit from a conscious commitment to corporate social responsibility. When done well CSR can feed into marketing, staff development, strategic thinking, networking, and staff engagement and motivation. The positive and negative economic, social and environmental impacts that the business generates or that it may generate as a consequence of its value chain, are organized under a common strategic framework of corporate responsibility and are consistently integrated in business processes throughout its different business operations, in order to contribute to long-term business sustainability through the introduction of ethical policies which help generate increased satisfaction for customers, employees, shareholders and, particularly, for society at large.

Make up a company's reputation in the consumer's mind are a combination of their perceptions regarding 7 variables: its product and service range; being a good place to work; its integrity; its capacity for innovation; its social commitment; its financial performance and the vision of its management team;

Contribution to progress: �maximize positive impacts of the business� to contribute to improving the quality of people's lives, business development and achieving progress in communities.

Social and cultural action: �to maximize social action impact�, through activities based on ICTs to enable progress, regardless of the socio-economic and cultural condition and status of individuals.

Communicate and dialogue: �highlighting the value of CSR actions through transparent communication and effective dialogue with stakeholders�. CSR Communications is a new discipline of corporate management which integrates marketing, PR, and communications around Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder engagement. This includes:
          - Cause marketing (also referred to as Cause-related marketing)
          - Social Marketing
          - Corporate Reputation Management
          - CSR and Sustainability Reporting
          - Stakeholder engagement

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