Customer Service Performance Improvement (CSPI) Project Management Performance Improvement (PMPI) Corporate CSR Culture Improvement Training Courses

Project Management Performance Improvement (PMPI):

Many organizations face difficulties during the implementations of their projects and it has been common that some of those organizations believe that such difficulties or even failures are due only - or at least mostly to lack of experienced or competent project managers, so they either train and develop these project managers or replace them.

Therefore, CSR Arabia utilizes HPI Model in order to ensure best ROI for organizations prior to investing any penny in developing their CSR project managers, to ensure successful projects.

The professional experts of CSR Arabia , do not just look for the skill, knowledge and behavioral gaps of the CSR Project Managers, they work hand in hand as partners with the client to identify holistically the Root Causes affecting the current performance of these individuals and come up with proper interventions which could be one or more of the following or others:

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- Alignment with Organization Strategy - Improved information access - process reengineering
- Additional resources - Incentive systems - Reference materials
- Career development plans - Increased encouragement - Removal of administrative obstacles
- Coaching - Increased supervision - Selection systems
- Culture change - Improve standards - Structured on-the-job training programs
- Electronic performance support tools and
- Job aids - Team building
- Elimination of interfering tasks - Leadership programs - Training
- Environmental design - Motivational systems - Wellness programs
- Feedback systems - Organizational redesign  
  - Performance management systems  
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