Customer Service Performance Improvement (CSPI) Project Management Performance Improvement (PMPI) Corporate CSR Culture Improvement Training Courses
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Training Courses:

CSR Essentials (One day)
A highly practical course to get you started on CSR. After examining the emerging CSR agenda we outline seven practical tools for effective implementation of CSR:
      - CSR policy and governance
      - Stakeholder engagement
      - Environmental assessments
      - Supply chain codes of conduct
      - Community investment and evaluation
      - CSR and human resource management
      - Reporting and communications
Who should attend; Entry level 1st line and middle management, CSR responsible managers, marketing team.
CSR Essential will be in two workshops, one simple and reach Arabic, and other condensed workshop for managers.

 CSR Solutions (Two days)
Using a systems-based approach we provide you with tools to assess, implement and link your brand to CSR, manage risks and develop a CSR Strategy.
      - Introducing a systems-based approach to developing CSR
      - Assessing the current state of a company’s CSR activities
      - Linking CSR to brands and reputation
      - Stakeholder engagement
      - Assessing key risks
      - Developing strategies for climate change, supply chain issues and community investment
      - Implementing CSR programmes
      - Implementation case studies
      - Monitoring and measuring the impact of CSR programs
      - Raising awareness among employees on CSR practices
      - Reporting CSR activities
      - Developing an effective external communications plan

CSR Master Class (Two days)
An advanced course examining cutting-edge tools and communications strategies for CSR to help your company become a leader in CSR.
      - Company presentations from delegates with feedback from course leaders
      - Staff and senior management buy-in
      - Communications and CSR
      - Involving stakeholders in decision-making
      - Non-financial risk assessment and management
      - Sustainability reporting: GRI and stakeholder engagement
      - Raising the bar: IFC performance standards and Equator Principles
      - The bigger picture: from community investment to poverty alleviation
      - The global human dimension: human trafficking and refugees

ISO 26000 (Two days)
ISO 26000 is the new guideline from the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) specifically focusing on social responsibility. ISO provides global standards used internationally as a reference and benchmark for organisations, such as ISO 14000 for environmental management; and ISO 9000 for quality management. This standard is set to shape the future of responsible business.

The new ISO 26000 guideline aims to provide practical assistance related to operationalising social responsibility, identifying and engaging with stakeholders, and enhancing credibility of reports and claims made about social responsibility.

CSR Arabia is providing training on the guidelines so that companies can integrate the guidance into their management systems and operations. The training will outline the scope and rationale of ISO 26000 and address the core social responsibility issues identified which includes:
      - Governance
      - Environment
      - Human Rights
      - Labour Practices
      - Fair Operating Practices
      - Consumer Issues
      - Community Involvement
      - Communication
The training will also help to build the competencies of attendees looking to implement the guidelines within their organization by examining the necessary systems and structures, performance reviews and communication required.

Topics include:
      - The social responsibility of the organization
      - Principles of social responsibility
      - Scope and rationale of ISO 26000
      - Stakeholder engagement
      - Guidance on core social responsibility issues
      - Trends in social responsibility
      - Communicating CSR

CSR Reporting and Communications (One day)
Learn about international reporting standards and how to deliver your sustainability message effectively to support business objectives.
      - Identifying the key issues on which to report
      - Transparency and accountability
      - Developing priorities through stakeholder engagement
      - International reporting standards
      - Global Reporting Initiative
      - Tools and strategies to deliver an effective sustainability message
      - Tailoring reporting solutions to meet a company’s unique needs
      - Measuring and reporting on community investment
      - Reporting CSR activities to key stakeholders
      - Developing an effective communications plan
      - Case studies of successful reporting strategies

Climate Change and Carbon Foot printing (One day)
A practical guide to assessing your carbon footprint and building a climate change strategy for your company.
      - Challenges and Risks
      - Assessing your carbon footprint
      - Climate Change Solutions
      - Offsetting and trading
      - Mitigation and Adaptation
      - Water and Biodiversity
      - Developing a Climate Change Strategy
      - Best practice case studies

CSR - Investing for impact: tools and approaches for community investment (One day)
Now more than ever it is important that company’s community investment is adding value for communities and for the business. This interactive and participatory workshop is designed to give people responsible for CSR and Community investment, the background and the tools to improve the quality of their work and the impact it can make. The first part will examine approaches, lessons learned and case studies and engaging employees in the whole process while the afternoon will focus on monitoring and evaluation and measuring for outcomes and impact.
      - Learn about best practice in companies contributions to poverty alleviation
      - Identify opportunities and partnerships which make sense for your company
      - Engage community stakeholders
      - Understand how employee volunteering can play a role
      - Learn how to measure inputs, outputs and impact

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